Te Pae, is the world-class purpose-build venue for the 16th Congress of the Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biologists.

Centrally located in the city (within easy walking distance to accommodation options), opening to the river on one side and a central city park, there is plenty to do outside of the congress venue, but still appreciate the connection with nature.

Te Pae is scheduled to open in late 2020.


‘Te Pae’ draws inspiration from:

Te Pae Maunga - Our Mountain views

The source of our origin and central to our land and people, Mountains are a key element on the Southern landscape, just as Te Pae is a central point within our city.

Te Pae Whenua - The vast plains we inhabit

With our strong ties to mountains and the rivers and plains they create, it is only natural this influence can be found in the building’s design, where shapes and lines represent the contours of our Southern Alps and braided rivers of Canterbury.

Te Pae Tangata - A Place to Meet and Converse

To talk, to be hosted, to share, entertain and inform... for Christchurch, Te Pae is a gathering place.


See you in Christchurch!